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How can I see how many papers my organisation's grantees have deposited (excluding papers deposited by publishers)?

These statistics are tracked and recorded by the Europe PMC Helpdesk team. The Helpdesk provide monthly updates which are available on the Statistics page of the Europe PMC Funders' Group wiki.

How can I see how many papers have been manually linked to grants?

As part of the original agreement with UKPMC (now Europe PMC), the National Library of Medicine (NLM) agreed to index the grants of the original eight Europe PMC funders. NLM is unable to index the grants of funders who joined the Europe PMC Funders' Group at a later date. As a consequence, all links between papers and grants from subsequent funders are a result of the submission process, manual linking performed by the author, or any grant-paper associations which the funder has provided in the past, either directly to Europe PMC or, for some funders, through data provided by Researchfish.

For the original eight funders of Europe PMC it is currently not possible to differentiate between those grant-article associations which are a result of indexing and those which are were created manually.

How can I increase the number of links between my organisation's grants and their associated papers?

There are three ways to create grant-paper associations in Europe PMC:

  • You can encourage your authors to use Europe PMC plus to link their grants to the relevant papers
  • You can upload grant-paper associations to an FTP site in a simple CSV format
  • We ingest grant-paper associations from Researchfish on a weekly basis, so if you are a member of Researchfish and your grant holder reports articles as outputs of a grant via Researchfish, we will reflect that information in Europe PubMed Central.

Contact the Europe PMC Helpdesk for more information regarding providing grant-paper associations in CSV format.

How can I navigate from a grant to the papers which have been linked to it?

If you want to find all the papers associated with a specific grant you may find it most convenient to search by grant number within Europe PMC. The search syntax is: GRANT_ID:654321 GRANT_AGENCY:"Wellcome Trust".

If you want to browse your organisation's grants and the papers associated with them, use the grant finder to search for grants associated with your grant agency. For example:

How can I navigate from a paper to the associated grant(s)?

On a paper’s abstract page you will see the names of funder(s) associated with the paper under the heading ‘Funding’, for example: Click on a funder name to show the details of grants associated with the paper. You can then link through to grant information from the grant title.

How can I navigate from a PI to their grants

You can use the grant finder, available under Tools > Grant finder in the header menu of Europe PMC, and enter the details of the PI to search for grants held by the PI.

Can I use Europe PMC to check the compliance of my organisation's grantholders with our open access policy?

To check compliance you can use the Advanced Search to search for articles acknowledging your funding in a specific time period. Export the data in TSV format and then examine and manipulate it in Excel. When you first use the TSV export format you may find the instructions on how to open a TSV file in Excel useful. The exported file will help you to identify which articles have their full text in Europe PMC, and which meet your licence requirement if you have one. For more information on what metadata is available via the different export formats read our PDF metadata summary.

How can I see all the papers in Europe PMC which my organisation funded (both author- and publisher-deposited)?

You can use the search function in Europe PMC to find all papers which list you as the funding agency using this search syntax: GRANT_AGENCY:"European Research Council". However, this search will only find papers when certain criteria are met.

Papers funded by the original eight funders of Europe PMC, whose grants are indexed by NLM, will appear in the results only when the funder is acknowledged in the article and/or the author has linked the paper to the relevant grants manually using Europe PMC plus or Researchfish and/or the funder has provided the grant-paper association via FTP.

Papers funded by the newer funders of Europe PMC, whose grants are not indexed by NLM, will appear in the search results only when the author has deposited the paper via Europe PMC plus themselves, linked the paper to the relevant grants manually using Europe PMC plus or Researchfish and/or the funder has provided the grant-paper association via FTP.

Can I deposit papers on behalf of researchers whom my organisation has funded?

Yes. You can create a submitter account on Europe PMC plus and deposit on the author's behalf. This will allow you to handle the approval process in place of the PI, though the PI will be alerted to the fact that their paper is being deposited. You can find more information in the Help for Submitters section.

Will papers which are deposited in Europe PMC plus also appear in PMC?

Yes. Typically it takes two to three weeks from deposit until the article appears on PMC (embargoes permitting).

Can I be alerted when a paper which my organisation funded is added to Europe PMC?

Yes. Each funder has an RSS feed which pulls in the articles added to Europe PMC in the last 30 days which are associated with that particular funder. The RSS feeds are available at and you can subscribe to your organisation's RSS feed either via a feed burner, your email client or another application of choice.

Articles will appear in the RSS feed if properly linked to their funding source - see Question 8 for more information on the criteria for fully linking articles with grants

How do I access the Europe PMC Funders' Group wiki?

The Funders' Group wiki is available at Funder representatives receive log in details when they join the Funders' Group. You can use the Forgot Your Password tool if you no longer have your password, or you can contact Cecy Marden at c.marden[at] for assistance.The Funders' Group wiki contains minutes from Europe PMC meetings, statistics, reports, project information, a calendar with upcoming events and other useful information.

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